Vaginal Tighter than before

A loose vagina is a concern among women, and many women find it difficult to talk about it. The main causes of a loose vagina are childbearing, obesity, aging or strain caused by sneezing, coughing or laughing unlike the common misconception that vaginal looseness is attributed to having too much sex. However, this is not a permanent problem and it can be fixed through Kegels, application of Vaginal tightening laser and having healthy eating habits.


These tips are ideal for women who have a loose vagina and are wondering how to tighten their vagina.

Kegel Exercises


These are clench and release activities designed to make your pelvic floor muscles strong. You can carry out these exercises in the comfort of your home without other people knowing that you are looking for ways to tighten your vaginal muscles. You start by finding the pelvic floor muscles by stopping in urination in midstream. Once you can do this, it means that you identified the pelvic floor muscles. Tighten the contraction for five seconds and then relax the pelvic muscles for another five seconds. Regular kegel exercises are guaranteed to tighten your vaginal muscles within a few weeks.


Healthy Eating Habits


You can supplement your Kegel exercises with a daily intake of foods such as soybeans, rice, sesame seeds, and carrots that are rich in phytoestrogens, a hormone that restores the elasticity of vaginal muscles. You should also watch your diet to prevent or reduce obesity, which causes looseness of the vaginal muscles. Watching your diet on a daily basis also contributed to your body’s overall health. Consistency in your food and exercise is vital in keeping your vaginal muscles tight.



This gel is a natural laser made from natural ingredients such as Manjakani extracts and is used to strengthen and tighten vaginal muscles within ten minutes of application. Unlike Kegels and diets, you do not have to wait weeks to have a tighter vagina. Once you apply the v tightening laser, you can engage in sexual intercourse during the next day. To maximize the effect of the tight gel, you can look up some reviews to locate the right seller to buy from since they are manufacturing different types of v gels and laser available in the market. The internet also provides manuals to the buyers of the v tightening laser on how to apply the product. Since vaginal looseness is considered a private matter and most women are shy about it, it is wise for you to order the gel from online shops and have it delivered discreetly to you.


In conclusion, a damaged vagina can be a concern especially for people who are sexually active. If you combine kegel exercises, proper diet and application of the v tight gel, your damaged vagina will go back to its normal state.